Walter- my mini project

So after spending a lovely time in Scotland with my family over christmas I was inspired by the fabrics and hand knitted jumpers I saw to do some sewing myself! What could be better than a mohair teddy bear in a Scottish wool scarf, I thought! So thats exactly what I made. I used an old teddy bear pattern that I had at home and changed it to suit the style of teddy I was going for.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 23.30.10

To make the teddy, I had to cut out two lots of the head patter and body, four legs,arms and ears. After quite a few hours of careful sewing, and partially stuffing the parts, it was time to add the joints and glass eyes. Being a fairly inexperienced teddy bear maker, I can’t say I really knew how to use these, although the glass eyes were straight forward, the joints were more confusing, so I went with what felt right: each join was made up of a couple of washers, a screw and a bolt. I attached these to the bottom of the head, the tops of the legs and the arms, finally bolting all of them to the body and finishing the stuffing, neatly sewing up the open parts I had left for stuffing. Once the teddy himself was ready it was time to make him a tiny scarf. I used a thin but rough grey scottish wool and crochet a tiny scarf for my tiny teddy- a row of three double crochet repeated until I got a 30 cm piece. I decorated the ends of the scarf using pieces of the fine wool to create tassels. 12476393_10204342750928499_498666881_n

I added some last finishing touches to the bear that I had now named Walter, by adding long black stitches to create paws and even a pair of silver leafed wire glasses. I also gave him a little haircut around his nose and paws.

photo 2-2

Walter is now proudly perched on my desk along with my first ever teddy, Oscar, keeping watch!


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